At The Murray Company, we have a unique approach to servicing our clients. We simply try to make the design and construction process as painless for you as possible. Our goal is to listen closely to your needs, then provide creative, effective solutions to your problems. This approach allows you to focus your valuable time and energy where it makes the most sense - on your core business. Whether your business plan calls for a new facility or a renovation, we can help streamline your design and construction needs and insure you the most efficient and economical solution.

Right from the start, we can perform many of the tasks that you and your people have grown accustomed to doing in the early stages of construction projects. These tasks include:

  1. Assistance in site selection and analysis
  2. Coordination of site surveys
  3. Coordination with local zoning, building and utility officials to insure the design will meet all local, state and federal requirements
  4. Generating preliminary drawings
  5. Preparing project budgets, including value engineering alternates
  6. Assembling and coordinating the best team of professional architects, consultants, engineers and equipment vendors for your project
In fact, we offer you a single source of responsibility from the minute the project becomes an idea in your head until your grand opening ceremony. This enables one project manager to take on every issue associated with your project without multiple hand-offs in responsibility. The result is streamlined communication, smoother project flow and faster time to market.

Once construction begins we continue to make it easy for our clients to keep up with the construction process. We keep you informed on a regular basis with web-based project progress photos, weekly project updates and project coordination meetings as frequently as you desire. Our quality control procedures and record keeping gives you the confidence that all construction standards are being met throughout construction. We consistently communicate proactively with your staff to avoid unnecessary interruptions due to the construction process, allowing utility tie-ins to occur with minimal disruption to your operations. In addition, we are committed to providing you with a jobsite that is safe, clean, and orderly.

After construction is completed, we will provide you with a complete set of record documents for your entire project, including as-built drawings, a quality control manual and a close-out manual. This will allow you to quickly reference any of the components relating to the maintenance or operation of your facility. You also have our firm commitment that we will not disappear after you have taken possession of your new facility, but will make a series of warranty or follow-up visits to ensure your total satisfaction.


The following are just some of the ways The Murray Company can provide value to your company during the Design / Build Process

  1. We assist you in site selection for new facilities.
  2. We can develop preliminary drawings and perform programming activities for your projects.
  3. We assemble the most qualified team of consultants for each project.
  4. We will initiate site surveys and geotechnical study.
  5. Coordinate any developmental review requirements for the project.
  6. Once the project team is assembled, we begin the design and drawing process:
    a. Meet with our customer’s department heads to determine their requirements.
    b. Review all requirements and specifications to analyze technologies and
        systems available to meet the project needs.
    c. Assist you in assembling an equipment inventory to determine the necessary
        utilities for full operation.
    d. Review site surveys and geotechnical reports to finalize site design.
    e. Hold bi-weekly meetings to review progress drawings.
    f. Meet with our client’s insurance underwriter to review progress drawings.
    g. Coordinate all individual design disciplines.
  7. Meet with local building officials to review the project.
  8. Examine any park or development covenants applicable to the project.
  9. Meet with local utility companies to review providing service to the facility.
  10. Finalize the design and construction documents:
    a. Review and finalize complete set of construction documents.
    b. Submit complete set of construction documents to the client for review.
    c. Submit final construction documents to your underwriter for approval.
  11. Submit site plan to local fire marshal for approval.
  12. Submit site plan to local water district for approval.
  13. Submit for building permit review.
  14. Pre-qualify all subcontractors.
  15. Competitively bid the project to 3 to 6 pre-qualified subcontractors in each category.
  16. Evaluate all subcontractor bids, then award subcontractors.
  17. Set up a “web-cam” for internet monitoring of the project’s progress.
Obtain all permits and approvals for the project.

  1. Coordinate site access and mobilization with your facility.
  2. Hold weekly job site progress meetings to review construction.
  3. Implement and monitor a project safety program to insure a safe jobsite and reduce your risks as an owner.
  4. Provide general coordination of all construction activities and scheduling.
  5. Provide weekly updates including a written summary of activities, an updated schedule and progress photos.
  6. Maintain daily housekeeping of construction site.
  7. Post daily pictures on the internet to monitor progress.
  8. Secure all final inspections, certifications, and building occupancy.
Complete any punch list work to the owner’s satisfaction.

  1. Assist with move-in and help coordinate equipment hook-up.
  2. Submit a complete set of “as-built” drawings and surveys for the entire project.
  3. Assemble and submit a complete Project Close-out Manual (including: a list of finishes, warranty letters and operation/maintenance manuals).
  4. Assemble and submit a Quality Control Manual containing all testing reports certifying quality of certain project items (geotechnical, structural steel, roofing, concrete, asphalt paving, etc.)
  5. Make scheduled post-completion follow up visits to the new facility.
    (6 month, 1 year and 2 year)